Discover the developing breakfast tradition of Crete, provided in a beautiful setting overlooking the blue Aegean Sea at the luxurious Blue Key Villa!


As a country with a rich breakfast tradition, Greece is among the few places in the world where breakfast varies per region. Many cities, towns, and islands have developed their own breakfast specialties, creating a totally unique experience for Greece’s visitors. Crete is among those islands that have their own distinguished cuisine, thus an utterly unique breakfast culture.

Even though Cretans prefer light snacks or just coffee, for breakfast, many hotels and local eateries have created a rich breakfast menu, with international favorites and regional exclusives. Many recipes eaten for lunch are so light and healthy that they can be consumed in the morning as well. Of course, a true Cretan breakfast recipe consists exclusively of local ingredients sourced daily from the island’s farmers.

Among the numerous places where you can enjoy authentic Cretan breakfast, there is a villa in Agia Pelagia, Heraklion that will make you fall in love with it and its breakfast.


Blue Key Villa is the upcoming luxury villa in Crete that offers utmost comfort and privacy. It’s located on a private hill of Agia Pelagia, combining traditional and modern aesthetics perfectly. It can accommodate up to 11 people, plus two extras if needed.

The villa spreads through 350 sqm., featuring, among others, an al fresco veranda dining area for 10+ people, a stunning pool, two well-equipped kitchens, 5 bedrooms, and numerous terraces with sun beds and loungers.


The breakfast of Blue Key Villa is based exclusively on the Cretan diet. It makes use of locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients that ensure an energy-packed, healthy start for your day. The recipes use fresh Cretan yogurt, seasonal fruits & vegetables, Cretan honey, various Cheese preparations like graviera and anthotyro, 100% extra virgin olive oil, staka from Sitia, and aromatic herbs like thyme, oregano, rosemary, lavender and sage, source by the villa’s garden.

Of course, the recipes change every day, while the owners will ask you about your dietary needs and will give you a questionnaire to fill with ‘specific tastes’ that you would like to try. It can accommodate vegan, vegetarian, lactose and gluten free dishes upon request.


It wouldn’t be a proper Cretan meal if the service did not reflect on the so-called Cretan hospitality. There are various conveniences for the guests provided by Blue Key Villa. For instance, the cook and his assistant arrive at the property 90 minutes prior to breakfast to prepare the meal. The breakfast can be served either at 9-11 am, or 10 am to 12 pm.

It can be served at any area of the property if the weather allows like the balcony, the terrace, the pool area, the garden area, or even in each bedroom separately. You can also enjoy the chefs preparing your eggs right in front of you while some pies are also baked on the spot.

Feeling creative one day? Join the chef and try pie making if you wish so. If you particularly like one recipe, ask the Chefs, and they will share it with you so you can make it back home!


Your Cretan breakfast could not but feature original Cretan dishes that taste of the Mediterranean.  Every day you will be provided with two Cretan savory pies, freshly baked in the oven. You can try the delicious Sfakiani pita, kaltsounia, fennel pie, cream cheese pie, sarikopites, spinach, and feta pie and more traditional pies.

Those with a sweet tooth should also rejoice. You will be provided with two sweet dishes every day, which are surprisingly healthy. You can try the rice pudding, the carrot cake, the raisin cake, revani, galaktoboureko, orange pie, walnut cake, semolina halva with raisins and buts, traditional kaltsounia and loukoumades with honey.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your morning eggs as well. You can try the scrambled eggs with tomato, feta and apaki, classic sunny-up eggs in grated tomato sauce with herbs, omelet with fresh vegetables poached on bread with spinach (sfougato), poached eggs on bread with avocado, and staka (eggs with milk butter from Sitia)


Leaving the main dishes aside, there are plenty of side dishes for the one who want to start their days “lighter.” There two different types of compotes served every day, totally homemade. The compotes are made of fruits such as orange, strawberry, peach, apricot, pomegranate, grapes and the local favorite prickly pear.

You can try Cretan yogurt, a variety of bread and rolls, seasonal vegetables and fruit platters, a variety of cheese with Cretan and Greek selections like Cretan graviera, a variety of cold cuts like “apaki,” as well as butter, thyme honey, tahini dip, and homemade hazelnut.


Among the dishes and delicacies that you will enjoy for breakfast at Blue Key Villa, some recipes stand out from the others, providing you with unique flavors and experiences. Sfakiani pie with thyme honey is, for example, a must try for sweet and sour lovers. Risogalo (rice pudding) with freshly grated cinnamon is a sweet and nutritious start for the day.

For original and straightforward flavors, opt for the Cretan graviera cheese with thyme honey and the Cretan yogurt with raisins, banana, walnuts, and honey. Last but not least, the summer tomatoes grated on barley rusk with feta, oregano, and olive oil is a local specialty that you should definitely not skip. You can order it as “ntakos”!


Coffee addicts will be given with a wide diversity of Nespresso selections like cappuccino, lungo, macchiato and more, hot chocolate and other types of hot and cold beverages. Don’t miss to try the delicious Greek coffee!

For a healthier start for your day, choose one of the delicious and healthy smoothies/juices, which are made on sight with the guests’ fruit choice.


After your sumptuous breakfast at Blue Key Villa, you will be able to seize the day correctly and with plenty of energy. Don’t waste any more time and start planning your Cretan trip.


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